State of Webinars 2022

Check our short report, based on the research

we conducted in January 2022.


What will you find in the report?

We have prepared the report for both those who organize webinars,

and those who have never done it... yet.

The results of our webinar research

We asked over 300 people how they use webinars in their activities, what benefits them most, and how they consume online meetings.

Actionable insights

You'll be able to learn and draw conclusions from the research to improve your own activities in terms of webinars.

Good practices

From ourselves, we've added predictions, trends and a series of good practices for organizing (even) better webinars!

ABOUT LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is a comprehensive platform for the configuration, management and analytics of webinars in your organization.

In 2021 alone, almost 400,000 webinar rooms were set up and managed via LiveWebinar.

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Great practices

for your webinars